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These terms and conditions are an official and final agreement that regulates a bilateral collaboration with the affiliate program.

The Terms and Conditions come into force on January 01, 2020.

TERMS – is an affiliate program that allows you to earn on the projects monetization.

Partner - is a member of the affiliate program, who receives income according to the tariff, by monetizing projects through brand promotion.

An active partner - is a participant of the program who attracted 5 or more New players (first depositors) during the reporting period.

An inactive partner - is a member of the program, who attracted less than 10 New players (first depositors) during 3 (three) months.

Tariff – is a principle of rewarding partners.

Revenue Share is a partner's reward calculated based on casino income. This tariff principle involves a Partner's reward in the amount of a fixed percentage from the Casino's income from Real players.

CPA (Cost per Acquisition) – is a principle, when a Partner receives a reward for each New player if the player meets the conditions and performs one or more mandatory actions.

Hybrid CPA - is a hybrid principle that combines CPA and Revenue Share conditions.

A player – is a user (an individual) who visited a website and signed up using the partner's link.

The first depositor (FTD) – is a new real player who makes the first Deposit.

Income – is a monetary reward received by a partner in accordance with the tariff.

Reporting period – is a period of time included in the financial statistics. Calculation of partners’ income and its accrual to the balance for further withdrawal is made based on the statistics.

Promotional materials – are marketing tools that are provided and approved by administration for further projects’ promotion.

Account creation

By signing up for affiliate program an affiliate confirms that she/he accepts these terms, regulations, requirements, and conditions, and totally agrees with them and obeys them.

These rules, requirements, terms, and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. The currently valid version of the Terms is published on the affiliate program website. We do not track the history of Terms changes.

The partner’s minimum age at the time of registration in the affiliate program is 18 years.

When registering, you agree to provide your contact details and keep them up-to-date in the future. reserves the right to request additional information from you.

You can create and use only one account in the affiliate program website! We can increase the number of accounts for one partner individually.

Data to access your account should not be shared with third parties. The partner is responsible for the safety of this data. reserves the right to the decline the partnership without explanation. The partner may also suspend or terminate the partnership at any time.

The registered partner has no right to create accounts on the project sites using his referral link, to make deposits on the project sites, trying to make money on the affiliate program. If you make any attempts, both accounts will be blocked and with no right to restore. No withdrawals will be made.

PROMO MATERIALS AND TRAFFIC SOURCES reserves the right to request information about the methods and sources of attracting players. If a partner refuses to provide information or provides false information about traffic sources, it will be regarded as a violation of the requirements to traffic sources and promotional materials.

email-marketing, direct advertising on partner's website, PPC, targeted and teaser advertising, search traffic, social media.

Promoting projects you cannot:

Offer potential players bonuses and promotions that do not exist on the projects, thereby misleading them;

Promote the projects to a juvenile audience;

Encourage users to re-create an account on the project website, if they are already registered there;

Promise the players that winnings are guaranteed, thus misleading them; Provide players with false information about winners and winnings.

Provide players with false information about winners and winnings.

In case of violation of these requirements, the partner's account will be blocked without the possibility of recovery and withdrawal.


The partner's reward depends on his / her activity, project and chosen tariff.

Payments are made once per month.

You can choose one of the tariffs: Revenue Share, CPA, Hybrid CPA. Every new partner can use the Revenue Share model.

Every new partner can use the model Revenue Share.

The CPA model is offered individually to active partners, after testing the traffic.

When you sign up for the affiliate program, the 60% Revenue Share model is set automatically.

If within 1 months the partner brings 10 or less New players he/she is assigned the inactive status. The rate on the Revenue Share tariff for inactive partners is reduced to 5%.

If the amount of players’ winnings significantly exceeds the sum of their deposits, the partner's balance at the end of the reporting period may be negative.

For project the negative balance is carried to the next reporting period.

The partner can withdraw the income with one of the following payment methods: Yandex.Money, Paeer, QIWI, Visa.

The minimum withdrawal sum is $20. There are no restrictions on the maximum sum.

If you do not specify the payment details in your account, krollbit.partnerswill not make the repayments until you have entered the data. The partner's reward, in this case, will remain on the balance.

We reserve the right to make a payment using a method other than the one chosen by a partner.

If any suspicious activity on the part of the players attracted by the partner is detected, or if there is a need to check traffic quality, the payments may be delayed for the period necessary for inspections.krollbit.partnersadministration determines the timeframe of such delay at its discretion.

With program you can earn not only by attracting players but also by attracting partners to the affiliate program. You will receive 5% of profits of all the attracted partners. These 5% will not be deducted from the partners' income, the partners will receive their reward without any deductions.


The Affiliate program cannot guarantee error-free and uninterrupted operation of the website. krollbit.partnersmay carry out prevention works, during which the operation will be completely or partially suspended.

If a partner for some reason received the commissions calculated or paid incorrectly, or the statistics were collected incorrectly, the affiliate program reserves the right to correct such errors and carry out corrective measures on partner's account.

If any fraudulent actions were revealed on the project website of the program on the part of the players attracted by the partner, krollbit.partnersmay claim the partner for reimbursement of financial expenses incurred as a result of these actions.

It is forbidden to make intentional actions in order to cause financial or other damage to the affiliate program or partner websites. Otherwise, the account will be blocked without withdrawals and the possibility of recovery.

krollbit.partnersis not responsible for partners’ actions or their website content.

Disputable situations are solved by affiliate program managers considering partner’s arguments and explanations with the maximum possible neutrality. The final decision is left to krollbit.partnersemployees and is not subject to revision.


The affiliate program and its projects use different security measures to protect information from unauthorized access, destruction, and alteration. employees strictly observe your right to privacy, in accordance with the contracts they signed.

We reserve the right to retain partners’ personal data for a longer period of time than is necessary for partnership. partners undertake not to disseminate the confidential information, even when this agreement is terminated.

If a partner has small or non-permanent traffic sources, this partner is not considered to be inactive and may qualify for individual conditions. Contact your Manager to learn more.

Brand traffic is traffic generated by creating clone websites in order to intercept new Players from search engines on brand requests. The affiliate program does not accept such traffic.

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