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One of the main tasks at our casino is developing a strong and trustworthy relationship between our players and our staff.

The casino’s software is developed to filter out potential suspicious fraudulent players and to generate alerts when found. This process is vital to the running of the operation. Fraud is also a factor to be considered before releasing requested withdrawals to players. The casino never authorizes withdrawals to unknown players.

Casino management is continuously updated with relevant requirements and rules as determined by the jurisdiction. As a result they may change procedures accordingly to reflect these guidelines, if and when required.

There are two stages in this process:

1.When opening an account the player is required to enter mandatory information into the registration form. If this information is not supplied the player cannot complete the registration process. Inaccurate information, such as incorrect username, is detected asked to supply documentation to authenticate their identity.

The following mandatory information is required:

  • Full name
  • Full address
  • Full phone number
  • Valid email address
  • Full date of birth. The system does not enable a player to continue registration of their date of birth indicates that they are under 18 years of age.

Client’s name on Client’s account must match client’s true and legal name and identity. To verify the client’s identity, the Riotech Services LP the right to request at any time satisfactory proof of identity (including but not limited to copies of a valid passport / identity card and/or any payment cards used). Failure to supply such documentation may result in suspension of the account.

The Client shall certify that he has provided accurate, complete and true information about himself upon registration and will maintain the accuracy of the information by promptly updating any registration information that may change. Failure to do so may result in account closure, account limitations or voiding of any transactions (bonus, winnings).

2. Registration of credit cards. The system generates a fraud alert if there are mismatches between player’s name and the name apperaing on their credit card. Although the player can continue registration they will not be able to deposit money using the credit card. A casino representative will contact the player and request copies of their picture ID and copies of their credit card.

Generally, when deposits are made or withdrawals requested, the casino may ask the player to provide different types of documentation. This includes:

  • Copies of the player’s valid picture ID;
  • Utility bills, as proof of address;
  • Bank references, as proof of the source of money;
  • Copy of credit card, front and back of the card;
  • Credit card statements when required. For example, amount and method used for withdrawal.
  • Country of origin, there are countries that are blocked from gaming at our casinos
  • There may be circumstances when a player is required to send a notarized identification to validate their authenticity.


The behaviour patter of a player is cheched by the fraud and finance departments. During the check the following are examined on the following triggers:

  • Sign up;
  • Registration of credit cards;
  • Quick and multiple high deposits;
  • Quick and multiple high withdrawal requests;
  • Deposited amount in comparison to the amount requested for withdrawal;
  • Payment method used by the player;
  • Country of origin.

In order to avoid or minimize the fraud risk casino set’s up a standard, that a Client shall one account per one user (In all cases, only one account per customer, per household, per address, per shared computer and per shared IP address will be allowed to sign up and make use of Casino) Name on the account must match with true name and legal name and identity of the person.

The Casino won’t accept 3rd party deposits, ie. a friend, relative, partner, husband or wife. The Client must deposit from an account/system or credit card that is registered in his own name. If the casino discovers during the security checks that this has occurred, all casino winnings will be forfeited and sent back to the casino and the original deposit to the rightful owner of the account/Credit Card.

The Casino does not allow the players to take loans from cell phone operators who allow this type of service, even if the operator allowed that. The Client cannot make sms deposits with such loans with negative balance. Clients violating this rule are blacklisted, and gamers' accounts are blocked without a withdrawal option.

In case of suspicious or fraudulent payment, including the use of stolen credit cards or any other fraudulent activity (including any charge-back or other reversal of a payment), the Casino shall have right to block Client’s accout, reverse any made pay-out and recover any winnings. Casino shall be entitled to inform any relevant authorities or entities (including credit reference agencies) of any payment fraud or other unlawful activity and may employ collection services to recover payments. However, under no circumstances shall the Casino be liable for any unauthorized use of credit cards, regardless of whether or not the credit cards were reported stolen.

The Casino may at any time set off any positive balance on Client’s Account against any amount Client owes to Casino when Casino re-settles any bets or wagers pursuant to Duplicate Accounts, Collusion, Cheating, Fraud and Criminal Activity or Errors.

Besides the mentioned, if a player deposits $ 1000 through an eWallet solution and after very little wagering requests to withdraw all funds in their account using a different eWallet solution, this could indicate money laundering.

If fraudulent behaviour is suspected the casino contacts the player and asks for documents which can verify their identity. The casino may decide to withhold the withdrawal. However, once fraud is actually detected, the casi no returns the player’s original deposit and then blocks them from playing at all affiliated casinos. When required, the event is sent to the authorities.

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