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Slots online: complete instructions for playing

Over the past few years, online slot machines have gained immense popularity on the Internet, with the help of which you can earn a nice salary increase and a big boost to the fun of the game.

Devices are divided into several types according to the mechanics of the game, one of which is considered to be slots. It can be noted that exactly they are in the highest demand among users around the world.

What are slots

The history of slot machines began many years ago, when slot machines gradually began to appear in casinos. popularity with ordinary workers, as they allowed small stakes. Over time, video slots have been replaced are bulky machines and have become a constant entertainment in all online casinos.

An improved model of slot machines that allows you to attract a large number of users quickly has become an indispensable component of any self-respecting club. Slots represent a playing field with spinning reels that give out a set of symbols. The user's task is to collect a combination and win a certain amount of money.

All slot machines differ from each other in different design, musical accompaniment and plot. In slots from kraken casinos have devices on completely different topics that will please any user. The most famous slot machines are those, the plot of which is built around ancient Egypt. Mystical tombs, merry mummies and lust excavations are capable of attracting any player.

Fruit slots from the kraken casino are in no way inferior in the interest of customers. And for lovers of unusual and creative ideas, the developers have tried and created many other no less interesting machines. Another factor that attracts new customers is the system of bonuses and rewards that user during the game. These can be bonus add-ons or free spins that heat up interest in certain devices.

Video slots are a whole world of gaming direction, which is progressing every day and offers a wide choice to the user. The convenience of using machines allows you to play your favorite games for money from anywhere in the world.

Advantages of slots over other casino games

Despite the fact that playing live will always be more interesting due to the atmosphere and real buttons of the device, online casinos are in demand by many customers from different countries. They have their unconditional advantages, among which the following are distinguished:

-Lack of queue, which saves time;

-Free demos of each game;

-Instant support service;

-More than 1 thousand variants of slots with different rules and plots.

The client does not have to wait for another person to free the machine, and he can start playing whenever he wants. If you have any questions, contacting support will take no more than 5 minutes. Service operators are always clear react and solve player problems.

If a person does not dare to risk his own money, he can always test his strength in the demo on virtual coins. This will help him decide whether to start the real game. And also sitting at the computer monitor, the user is able to try several dozen interesting slots and choose the appropriate one.

Why slots

Such online services are full of various gambling hobbies, among which poker occupies a special place, roulette and other card games that require attention and concentration. Concentration is almost unnecessary in slots. It will be enough to learn the symbols and understand the bonus components.

Another advantage of slot machines is the variety. There are more than 1 in the casino from Kraken thousands of slots that can cheer you up with big wins for every player. Here you can find machines with any rules and plots, equipped with interesting and exciting bonus games.

Among the obvious positive slots, the speed of the game is distinguished. To play poker or try your luck at roulette the user can spend several hours. You can finish scrolling the slots at almost any time and it will not affect finances. Spinning the drum on the playing field brings pleasure and a bit of suspense. It is hard to assume that the next scrolling will involve symbols that will lead to the jackpot. This is more likely than anyone can imagine.

Competitive competition plays an important role in quality

Like other resources, Kraken offers a large selection of slot machines for its customers. However, not all slots are created by one company.

There are a fairly large number of development teams that compete among themselves for the right to be considered the best manufacturers of gambling video games. Of these, several leading companies stand out, which are presented in the casino from Kraken. Namely:






This list can be significantly increased, and this indicates serious competition between manufacturers. In order for the product to be in greater demand than its competitors, the developers make every effort to are reflected in the final result. New slots with new original ideas appear more and more often. turn the entire game world and come to the fore.

How to start playing slots

Slot machines have always been the first step for all beginners who have made a step into the world of gambling entertainment. Before starting the game, you must choose a resource on which to start your journey.

Kraken Casino offers a wide range of slots, quality support and pleasant bonus offers for both new customers and experienced users. Registration and making a deposit is considered a mandatory step, after which you can start the game.

How to choose the right slots

The choice of a slot machine depends on the goal pursued by the user. If he wants to have fun and have an interesting time, you can choose absolutely any slots and play your pleasure without thinking about tactics and strategies to win. To make money on slots, their choice is essential limited. Consider the following factors:

-The presence of a risk game.

-The more lines, the less chance of winning.

-Average win in the machine.

-Examination of game statistics.

The game for doubling the amount in slots is a sign that you can make good money on this machine. Most often, the risk game consists in guessing the color or suit of the card and you can use it unlimited number of times. After receiving information about the average winnings on slots, you should choose the one that where they are recorded more often, even in spite of small amounts.

Slot machine statistics will tell an experienced user about many things. For example, if on this machine the last games were unsuccessful, the chances are high that the next user will be lucky on it. Almost every slot has a paytable, where the coefficients for each combination and bonus games are indicated. This information will also help you choose which slots are more likely to be successful.

What you need to know to win at slot machines

It should be borne in mind that the rotation of the reels does not depend on the player and his victory is determined by luck. But each user is encouraged to know the features that will help him understand the process and gradually start to play a plus.

Return slots and variance

The recoil level speaks of playing at a distance. The client can roughly imagine what the guaranteed amount will return to his account during a long game. Most of the latest slots developed offer 94-98% return, which is considered a perfectly acceptable indicator. If the service does not provide such statistics, information can be easily found on the internet.

Variance is an important factor in determining the frequency and size of the winnings. Low variance slots bring frequent wins with small amounts, and slot machines with a high score - big wins that will come much less often. You need to choose a device depending on the tactics for the game. The first option is suitable for those who do not want to take much risk, and the second is for gamblers.


In modern slot machines, the number of lines varies from 3 to 240. Some slots have the function self-selection of lines, while others clearly fix them and leave them unchanged.

The more active lines, the greater the probability of winning, but the rate is correspondingly higher. When playing on all available lanes, the chances of winning are significantly increased, as is the chance of getting bonus rounds.

Fair Play

Many online casinos use a pseudo-random number generator in their slots. Using such a program means that the outcome of the spin has long been determined, and the player cannot influence it in any way. This is one of the scams to watch out for.

To avoid deception, it is important to choose honest resources that have licenses and certificates. Kraken Casino uses a random number generator in their machines and has no additional influence to slots, just like the client.

Game strategy is an important component

The first step is to allocate capital for the game, which the user is not afraid to lose. The best option would be 1,000 minimum bids. There are different strategies for slots, but they are all divided into risky and moderate. Everyone chooses their own path to achieving the goal.

A calmer tactic implies small winnings not exceeding 15-20% of the player's total capital. You need to be able to stop on time and after a while, the account will be replenished with at least half of the capital. High risk strategies consist of waiting for the jackpot. Nervous games with varying degrees of success can lead to the client to a very big victory, and will not end in anything good for him. In any case, you should play in a balanced manner.

What are the slots?

Slot machines differ from each other not only by manufacturers, but also by the criteria on which the process depends. The most important parameters in slots are called the following parameters:

-Design design;

-Availability of bonus add-ons;

-Number of lines and reels;

-Thematic idea.

The development of slot machines began with 2D machines, where the symbols on the screen changed abruptly. Now progress has come to animated slots with beautiful musical inserts and original bonus games. Over the past 4-5 years, the most popular devices have become developments based on references to well-known foreign films and cartoons.

Kraken provides customers with a wide range of slot machines

In the online casino Kraken, each user will find slots for themselves that they like. He has a choice of more than 1,000 different slot machines, from the most modern to those for which the nostalgia of the past comes. The site offers a search for slots by name, which makes the game more comfortable.

The interface allows a beginner to quickly and easily understand all aspects of the game and have a good time. All important information regarding the rules and features of the game is located on the site, and the support service is ready within a few minutes to answer your questions and come to help if necessary.

Among the well-known slot machines of the Kraken casino are:

  • Garage
  • Book of Dead
  • Book of Queen
  • Crazy Monkey
  • Classic 7 Fruits
  • Fruitsland
  • Big Bad Wolf

These and other slot machines will allow all users to enjoy a pleasant game and great successes, if they are lucky. Kraken guarantees fair play and timely payments to each client, as it values its reputation. Fairness is the main criterion that Kraken Casino adheres to.

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